U.S. Natural Gas Exports Can Starve Terrorist Funding

American natural gas exports are in an ideal position to strike a major blow against terrorism and Middle East instability. Middle Eastern nations Egypt and Saudi Arabia are fed up with Qatar, one of the world’s leading natural gas exporters, using its natural gas profits to fund Iran and international terrorism. In the wake of Egypt and Saudi Arabia taking steps to curtail Qatar’s exports through their territorial waters, America is in prime position to divert foreign wealth from Qatar to U.S. energy companies. The only question is whether the environmental left and its political allies will continue to block U.S. natural gas exports that can displace Qatar’s natural gas exports.

Saudi Arabia yesterday sent a list of demands to Qatar, including that it cut all ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is not yet clear whether Qatar will comply. Either way, the political decision by American policymakers to restrict U.S. natural gas exports has empowered Qatar to promote terrorism and political mischief throughout the Middle East.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay..

Photo courtesy of Pixabay..

In addition to funding Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar has reportedly supported radical elements in Syria, Libya, and other nations afflicted by terrorism. Such a small nation would have little ability to do this without the wealth it generates from energy exports.

The environmental left and liberal U.S. politicians are sticking their heads in the sand pretending that blocking U.S. energy companies from exporting natural gas will do anything to advance their global environmental agenda. By holding America out of energy markets, radical nations like Qatar simply step up, fill the void, and use the wealth from such exports to fund the terrorists that destabilize nations and kill innocent victims.

The U.S. fracking revolution, in which technological advances in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and direction drilling have dramatically increases U.S. natural gas production, has also dramatically lowered U.S. and global natural gas prices. Oil and natural gas sales account for approximately half of Qatar’s revenues and 90 percent of its exports. With oil and natural gas prices plummeting in recent years due to U.S. fracking, Qatar is suddenly facing declining revenues and domestic budget deficits.

U.S. natural gas exports are not only good for the American economy, they are also good for American security and global political stability. It is time to end restrictions on U.S. natural gas production and U.S. natural gas exports.

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