Trucking Magazine Touts Economy-Wide Benefits Created by Fracking

American truckers are finding new job opportunities created by energy production through hydraulic fracturing (fracking), Freight Waves trucking news reports.

“The boost in one sector of the economy ultimately leads to boosts in other sectors, either directly or indirectly. This is the case with oil extraction in North Dakota and it has helped drive the growth of trucking services in that region and nearby Canada,” Freight Waves observes.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Freight Waves reports fracking “has brought with it good paying truck jobs” to American truckers. The trucking news journal highlighted North Dakota as a particularly good example.

“Before the advent of this technology, most towns in that region had little to no activity. However, fracking has opened up these small towns to lots of activities,” the trucking journal reports.

The local economic benefits of fracking explain why anti-fracking activists have greater support in urban centers than in the communities where fracking occurs. “Much of the wealth created from oil is being spent in North Dakota,” Freight Waves notes. “According to research conducted by the North Dakota State University, the oil and gas industry contributed around $34.25 billion to the economy of the state and the nearby Canadian towns in 2015. Over 50% of the revenue can be attributed to trucking operations.”

North Dakota’s Democratic U.S. Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, has taken notice of fracking’s benefits. Heitkamp consistently applauds fracking and seeks to make support for fracking a staple within the Democratic Party.

“Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have transformed the economic and physical landscape of North Dakota,” Heitkamp observes on her U.S. Senate website. “The abundant natural resources contained in our shale formations in Western North Dakota have greatly benefited our state in terms of jobs, population growth, and increased revenue.”

“Energy in North Dakota means more than just providing electricity to keep the lights on,” Heitkamp adds. “In our state it means good paying jobs, a growing population, low unemployment, increased revenue for infrastructure and other critical needs, development of new and innovate technologies and methods, and industries that have brought small communities across this state back to life.”

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