17 Congressional Republicans Call for CO2 Reductions, How This May Split the Left

Seventeen Republican congressmen have signed a letter calling for “economically viable” reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

U.S. Emissions Declined in 2016, Global Emissions Flat: IEA Credits Natural Gas

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions declined by 3% last year, the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Developing Nations Account for All Oil Demand Growth

Developing nations will account for all growth in global oil consumption for the foreseeable

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President-elect Donald Trump intends to hit the ground running on energy and environment policy.

Environmental Progress President: We Need More Nuclear Power

The president of Environmental Progress, a public policy organization advocating for immediate action to

Dear Ivanka: Al Gore Doesn’t Have Climate Solutions, Republicans Do

News reports indicate Ivanka Trump, daughter of the President-Elect, seeks to make global warming

China, India Choose Coal as U.S. Blocks Natural Gas Exports

China and India are ramping up coal power production, causing dramatic increases in air

Vermont’s Liberal Voters Reject Wind Power

In a foreboding development for the wind power industry, voters in liberal Vermont last

Pennsylvania Court: No Evidence Fracking Caused Water Pollution

A laboratory did not engage in “fraud in conspiracy” when it reported Pennsylvania fracking

Natural Gas: A Short Bridge, Long Bridge, or Final Destination?

The environmental center-left often refers to natural gas as a “bridge” to a future

Liberal Split on Carbon Tax Creates Opportunity for Conservatives

Liberals and the Democratic Party are sharply split over a Washington State ballot initiative