State Policy

Union Leaders Stand Up for Nuclear Power, Deride Wind and Solar

Nuclear power is the most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and efforts

PG&E Hikes California Rates $1.51 Billion, Cites Renewable Costs

The California Public Utilities Commission granted Pacific Gas & Electric the right to raise

Wind and Solar Power May Add $10 Million to Idaho Electric Bills

Idaho consumers could pay over $10 million in excess electricity costs this year due

Rhode Island and CO2 Emissions: A Natural Gas Success Story

Rhode Island legislators are considering a bill that would impose a carbon tax on

Cuomo’s Fracking Ban Likely Cost New York $15 Billion in Production Last Year

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) likely cost his state’s

Cuomo Administration Blocks Pipeline, Locks in High Electricity Prices

New York Department of Environmental Conservation officials have rejected a proposed pipeline that would

Nevada Rate Fight Shows Failure of Monopoly Power Model

A new dispute among Nevada’s largest utility, Nevada electricity regulators, and the solar power

Vermont’s Liberal Voters Reject Wind Power

In a foreboding development for the wind power industry, voters in liberal Vermont last

Nevada Energy Choice Amendment Opens New Doors

Two strange bedfellows, the casino industry and the solar power industry, have teamed up

Michigan Still Has Not Deregulated its Monopoly Utilities

Lists of the 15 or so states that have deregulated their utility monopolies and

Liberal Split on Carbon Tax Creates Opportunity for Conservatives

Liberals and the Democratic Party are sharply split over a Washington State ballot initiative

Energy Policy, the Make or Break for Nevada’s Economy

Energy policy is arguably the most important factor affecting the strength of Nevada’s economy.