The Spark of Freedom Foundation aims to influence public policy by promoting free markets, affordable energy, and common-sense energy and environment solutions.

Too often, people view energy policy as weighing affordability versus environmental protection. In reality, many abundant energy sources are both affordable and environmentally friendly. Our economy and environment will equally benefit when government refrains from erecting obstacles to their production and use.

Environmentalists who are concerned about land conservation, traditional air pollution, noise polution, and carbon dioxide emissions should recognize the benefits of energy sources such as natural gas, hydro, and nuclear power. Consumer advocates who prioritize affordable energy should recognize these same energy sources offer abundant, affordable energy. Unfortunately, federal, state, and local government policies restrict production and use of these valuable, common-ground energy sources. That needs to change.

The Spark of Freedom Foundation will always put the American economy and environment ahead of any particular sector of the energy industry. The Foundation will continually inform and educate policymakers on the latest energy developments and how we can utilize American free-market ideals to allow the best energy options to rise to the top.


About the author

jtaylorJames Taylor is President of the Spark of Freedom Foundation, a public policy organization supporting common-sense, common-ground energy solutions. James promotes affordable, abundant energy founded in conservative economic principles and a common-ground approach. He earned a B.A. in Government and studied economics and atmospheric science at Dartmouth College. He obtained his J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law. He has presented environmental analysis on CNN, CNN Headline News, CBS Evening News, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and several national radio programs. James has personally advised presidential candidates, governors and state legislators on energy and environment issues. James and Spark of Freedom Foundation believe in making all affordable, environmentally friendly options available to American families, including hydro, nuclear and natural gas.