Natural Gas

Asserted Methane Leaks Do Not Sink Natural Gas

The environmental left is focusing on an outlier study on methane leaks to vilify

Chinese Natural Gas Imports Hit Record as Nation Shifts from Coal

China imported a record amount of liquefied natural gas in December as the nation

Shellenberger: Natural Gas Makes Renewables Affordable

Plummeting natural gas prices during the past decade have allowed more renewable power onto

Pennsylvania Sets Natural Gas Record, Posts Lowest Electricity Prices in Region

Pennsylvania energy producers recovered a record amount of natural gas last year, resulting in

Heritage Foundation: Natural Gas Boosts Economy, Security

The production and export of natural gas is key to our economy and foreign

America’s Second Natural Gas Export Facility Becomes Operational

Dominion Energy’s Cove Point liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility became operational today, as

EIA Data Show Exports Pose Little Threat to Cheap Natural Gas

U.S. natural gas production will outpace domestic demand for at least the next two

Electricity Prices Remain Low Despite Coal Decline, Here’s Why

Ten years after coal began losing substantial electricity market share – primarily to natural

Chinese Coal Power, and Pollution, Dwarf Rest of World

When it comes to coal power, no country can compare to China. China produces

China Seeks More Imports to Meet Natural Gas Demand

China is turning to natural gas power to fight urban smog but only produces

India Seeks More Natural Gas as Coal Power, Emissions Surge

Natural gas power is operating at only 20% of capacity in India, restricted by

Fracking Pays You $2,000 Per Year in Reduced Energy Costs

The decline in gasoline prices attributed to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) directly saved the average