Forum: Warmists, Skeptics to Identify Common-Ground Energy Policy

Is there any hope for global warming advocates and skeptics to reach common ground on low-emissions energy policy? A diverse group of global warming advocates, skeptics, and affordable energy champions believe the answer is yes.  Tampa, Florida, will host a first-of-its-kind forum on March 5 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Crowne Plaza Tampa Westshore Hotel spelling out opportunities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while safeguarding affordable energy.

Prominent MIT climate scientist Dr. Kerry Emanuel will explain why he believes humans are creating an imminent global warming crisis. Daniel Peterson, director of the Center for Property Rights for the Tallahassee-based James Madison Institute, will explain why affordable, dependable energy is crucial to sustaining our current living standards. Ted Nordhaus, president of the Breakthrough Institute, a progressive global research center that promotes technological solutions to environmental challenges, will discuss the economic potential of some low- and zero-emission power sources such as nuclear power. Spark of Freedom Foundation president James Taylor, a free-market advocate and a prominent global warming skeptic, will map out how policymakers can accelerate carbon dioxide reductions by supporting low- and zero-emissions energy sources that are already prevailing under market conditions.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

“Certain low- and zero-emission energy sources such as natural gas, nuclear power, and hydro power are becoming increasingly affordable and gaining market share,” observed Taylor. “Conservatives have long championed these affordable energy sources, while climate scientists and even the Obama administration have advocated these energy sources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

“The time has come to turn energy consensus into energy policy,” Taylor added. “This forum will be a turning point in forward-looking American energy policy.

The forum will feature a presentation from each speaker, a lunch session, a panel discussion, and an audience question-and-answer period. The speakers will be available to the media before and after the forum and throughout the day. A suggested donation of $20 for lunch is requested but not required. An RSVP by February 26th will assure participation in the luncheon.

To RSVP, email [email protected].

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